Next Gen

partnering with families to build authentic faith and develop influence

Partner with Parents: Empower, equip, and train parents to become the primary influencers in their child’s life.

Build Authentic Faith: Engage in small groups with Godly leaders.

Develop Influence: Encourage serving and sharing Jesus in both the home and the world.


Relational - It's all about people.
Attractional - It's all about experience.
Missional - It's all about serving.

What is Next Gen all about?

1. Partnering with parents at critical transitions
2. Teaching comprehensively from cradle to college
3. Training leaders to work with specific age groups
4. Resourcing parents to interact with kids in the home
5. Mobilizing this generation and the next to be the church

What's the end game?

Build Influence
1. A strong relationship in God
2. A healthy relationship in the family
3. A desire to serve in the world


 We use ORANGE to combine the church (YELLOW) and the home (RED) together as the two strongest influences in a child’s life. Orange at First Christian is a strategy that gives synergy to each phase of life for each child from cradle to college.


The Ark | JoyLand     Kid City | Sunday's Cool      MSM      FUSE

The Ark: Birth - 30 mos

JoyLand: 31 mos - 4 yrs

Kids City: 5 yrs - 1st grade

Sunday's Cool: 2nd - 4th grade

MSM: 5th - 8th grade

Fuse: 9th - 12th grade


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