Worship & Creative Arts


Sunday Services: 8:15am - Legacy Service; 9:30am, & 11am - Celebration Services

The worship culture at FCC is diverse. There are two different styles of worship available depending on your preference. We have a legacy service specifically designed to engage worshippers who prefer a traditional, hymn-based style of worship and a celebration service designed to incoporate contemporary techniques and engage worshippers who prefer a style of worship that reflects the music you would hear today on the radio. We have a choir that is open to anyone who loves to sing and we've also incorporated interpretive dance, spoken word, and video content to help create a visually impactful worship environment.  While the styles and execution of the two service types may be different, the goal is the same: To create an environment that engages the worshipper, removes distractions, and allows God to transform lives.

Creative Arts

Stage Right is FCC's drama ministry.  They're a ministry team that communicates poignant situations which convey spiritual truths through the use of drama, comedy, media, and other art forms. Click Here for more info.

Tech Team Ministry exists to directly support and reinforce the presentation of Biblical truths that requires the support of lighting, audio, video, or any other form of technical or stage support.  We're excited to see how God continues to use the tech arts to help tell his story through visual and audio media!  We’re always looking for volunteers to help serve! Click Here to get more info.


Our desire is to create a worship experience that honors God, challenges & encourages the believer, and is appealing to the visitor...in that order.  We want to create an experience that praises and blesses God, because he deserves it. We also want an experience that challenges and encourages His people in whatever season of life they may be going through. Finally, we want to attract those who don't know Him, so we strive for excellence every time we come together.  

If you're a fan of a more contemporary style of worship, we have a place for you.  If you enjoy a traditional style of worship we have a service where you can get involved and share your gifts as well.  Whatever your strength, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved at FCC. Click Here to get more info.

Team Schedule: We have rehearsal every Wednesday - 5pm: Legacy Group; 6pm: Special Music; 6:30pm: Celebration Band.  


For more info on the Worship Ministry, Click Here.